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Brouwer Meats is a proud distributor of Little Town Jerky Products

Little Town Jerky Company was founded in 1994 after Ebels General Store began offering smoked meats made by Mark Ebels. Mark trained for months with the specialists at Max Bauer Meat Market in Traverse City; and German sausage expert Harvey Reichert taught Mark about spices and the fine points of preparing different products. The company began with smoked jerky products and over the years the product line has expanded to include everything from smoked picnic hams to cooked beef ribeye.


Brouwer Meats is proud to partner with Ebels General Store to offer Little Town Jerky products. We supply customers a variety of Beef Jerky, Turkey Jerky and Wild Game Jerky as well as Bologna, Bacon, Sausage, Fully Cooked Bratwurst and Hot Dogs. Little Town Jerky produces a variety of snack sticks like beef stick, venison sticks, and elk sticks in many flavors. If you are looking for smoked products, Little Town Jerky also has many delicious smoked pork hams, smoked whole chicken and a speciality cooked, marinated ribeye. See the product guide for a complete list of products available.

Product Guide

Little Town Jerky Company

See the full list of Jerky, Bologna, Bacon, Sausage, Bratwurts, Beef Sticks, and Smoked Pork Products available from Little Town Jerky

Little Town Beef & Wild Game Jerky

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